Iris Heusl
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Iris Heusl, MA

IT Project- & Application Manager

Joined epunkt in May 2019 as an IT project and application manager. Prior to that experience in IT project management and inhouse IT consulting with a focus on learning in an international corporation. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Communication, Knowledge & Media at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Hagenberg.

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8 Facts about Iris

  • Tries to understand what everyone needs and does her best to fulfil these requirements with an IT system.
  • Always has something to say.
  • Is part of nearly every process.
  • Likes to ask a lot of questions. Of course in order to understand others better.
  • Tickles out the deepest (IT) desires over coffee.
  • Never forgets the user behind the system.
  • Always has a backpack ready to go for the next adventure.
  • You’re not fully dressed until you’re wearing some pet dander. ;-)

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Iris:

How she skilfully integrates technology into the workday and keeps the focus on people.

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Iris Heusl
Iris heusl 2

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