Ingrid Unterguggenberger min

Ingrid Unterguggenberger

Recruiting Partner

Studied Information Technology and has 15 years of professional experience as an IT consultant in various roles. Since 2018 she has been recruiting the right candidates for select clients at epunkt. Her favourite positions are those where she can use her expertise in software development, consulting, and project management.

8 Facts about Ingrid

  • Interested in everything, especially people.
  • Looks for pragmatic solutions and usually finds them.
  • Hates dishonesty.
  • With her, the glass is always half full. Unless we’re talking about beer.
  • Loves heated arguments with her cats.
  • Weeds in her garden don’t stand a chance when she’s angry.
  • Doesn’t know enough people who delight in self-knitted socks, scarves and blankets.
  • Is absolutely convinced that there is the right person for every job and vice-versa.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Ingrid:

Her experience from the perspective of both candidates and clients, paired with tenacity and patience, even when the going gets rough.

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