Gudrun hartmaier

Dipl.-Kffr. Gudrun Hartmaier

Business Manager epunkt Munich

Have been serving the German market since the founding of epunkt München GmbH in March 2013. Has been specialised in the recruitment of IT and digitalisation professionals and managers since 2011. Studied Business & Economics and has been gathering experience in the IT sector since 1984, for example at Siemens in marketing, sales, controlling, global alliance management and the management of consulting, support, and IT teams.

Contact / Location
epunkt Munich
Wotanstraße 9d
85579 Neubiberg/Munich

9 Facts about Gudrun

  • Convinced that there is the right person for every job and the right job for every person.
  • Believes that everyone has strengths, but not everyone has found them yet.
  • Was the first and only woman in her work environment and thinks that women should believe in themselves more and support each other.
  • Appreciation in dealings with others is especially important to her.
  • Open and honest, absolutely cannot stand injustice and lies.
  • Loves magic, travel, and good food and has many interests.
  • Is effervescent with creativity.
  • Knows it’s never too late to make your dreams come true and started playing the saxophone last year.
  • Believes that in epunkt she’s found the best partner (besides her husband) that she can imagine.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Gudrun:

Her determination, commitment, and passion.

Business Development Recruitment
Gudrun hartmaier