Eva Helml
Eva Helml

Mag. Eva Helml

Human Resources Talent Acquisition Manager

Eva has been in human resources since completing her studies in Business Education in Graz – her heart beats for recruiting. Technology, especially IT and software engineering, have captured her fancy. After two years as an HR business partner with a focus on recruiting and employer branding (naturally in a technical environment) it was time to go back to the roots: back to Linz, where she grew up, and back to epunkt, where she worked as a recruiting partner and team leader in Graz from 2015 - 2018.

Contact / Location
epunkt Linz
Harrachstraße 6
4020 Linz

9 Facts about Eva

  • Heart trumps head. Likes to rely on her intuition and usually knows immediately: it’s a match! Not just professionally.
  • Enjoys discussions. Especially when conducted giraffe-style in accordance with Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication.
  • Ironic? Me? Also known as Sheldon Cooper amongst her friends.
  • The more there is to do, the better. Absolute multi-tasking enthusiast.
  • Music makes the world more beautiful. Bon Iver is best for dreams. Learning to play the piano herself.
  • Lion mama.
  • Likes to tinker with creative approaches. Professionally. In her personal life she likes stability.
  • Very exact. Ok: sometimes meticulous. Especially when it comes to commas and formatting.
  • Solution oriented. Likes to ask a lot of questions and get to the bottom of things, no matter how deep you have to go.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Eva:

Her uncomplicated and refreshingly warm manner along with her can-do mentality. Eva loves challenges but manages to make it look effortless (after all, she is a mom 😉).

Eva Helml
Eva Helml