Edith Pöhacker
Edith Pöhacker

Mag. Edith Pöhacker

Recruiting Partner

Edith joined epunkt in April 2021 as a recruiting partner for software engineering and IT management. She has experience ranging from sociological research at an NGO, to finance and personnel management at an online marketing agency, to HR management at a software development company.

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9 Facts about Edith

  • Can be deployed in many areas. Adaptable and flexible. Both professionally and while practicing yoga.
  • No challenge is too great with a good cup of coffee. A second one doesn’t hurt in the mornings, either.
  • Loves giraffes and has a lot in common with them (except height): loyalty, endurance, inner harmony.
  • Shows her grit when jogging. Or when meetings run too long.
  • Is an excellent listener – and baker.
  • Loves visiting all corners of the world: from picking peas at organic Finnish farms or ziplining in Costa Rica.
  • Has a love of beauty, a soft spot for fairness, and a strong sense of justice.
  • Team player who also manages well on her own.
  • Likes company but also needs time to herself.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Edith:

He enthusiasm for new activities and her empathic and helpful nature. She always has an open ear for candidates and colleague.

Edith Pöhacker
Edith Pöhacker

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