Daniela Kapl
Daniela Kapl2

Mag. Daniela Kapl

Teamlead Recruiting

Recruiter at epunkt since 2015. Here she discovered her passion for finding the ideal job for software engineers and those who wish to become one. Knows the software engineering market in and around Upper Austria like the back of her hand. And even better than that. And enjoys talking about it.

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8 Facts about Daniela

  • For her there is nothing more thrilling that the software engineering market. Except perhaps an Agatha Christie mystery.
  • Syntax, semantics, object-oriented, procedural. Interested in the people behind the tech. Very much so.
  • Prefers secluded locations like the woods.
  • Rumoured to have a side gig at the Eastern European tourism agency.
  • Knows most streets from her bicycle. Seldom found in a car.
  • Loves GIFs. Oh she does.
  • Likes simplicity. And humility. And a down-to-earth attitude. And the simple things in life. And nature.
  • Nostalgic.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Daniela:

Her passion for her job. How she treats people and how she always tries to create added value for everyone.

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Daniela Kapl
Daniela Kapl2

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