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Ing. Daniela Höfler

Teamlead Sourcing

Arrived at epunkt in May 2016 after a few years of travel on the international IT scene. Currently a team leader in active sourcing, a trainer for Recruiting Campus, and part of several strategy projects. Loves the varying, challenging, and colourful roles at epunkt.

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10 Facts about Daniela

  • Morning person, free spirit, and minimalist.
  • Many talents and always juggling several balls.
  • Organised, structured, well-sorted, and ordered. Down to the very last detail.
  • Has a predilection for pretty mugs and bowls.
  • Likes deep and honest conversations.
  • Meets every deadline, no matter how tight.
  • Always adds a smiley. :-)
  • Likes to work out hard. Any sport, as long as it’s outside.
  • Enjoys peace and quiet and likes to relax with a good cup of coffee.
  • Enjoys life and makes her dreams come true.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Daniela:

Her ability to recognise correlations and see the big picture. Her good intuition and her optimism, even in difficult times.

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Daniela höfler 1
Daniela hoefler 2

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