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Christine Leitner

Sourcing Partner

Christine has been looking past the horizon at epunkt as a young generalist of many talents since November 2021. After gaining experience in many areas ranging from motor vehicle wholesale to pharmaceuticals she now most enjoys finding interesting software engineering candidates.

Contact / Location
epunkt Vienna
Universitätsring 8/6
1010 Vienna

10 Facts about Christine

  • Loves backpacking across the world
  • Expert in bouncing babies to sleep
  • Best aunt in the world
  • Has three older siblings and thus five legal guardians
  • Likes wearing wool socks even in the summer
  • Feminist and a little green, too
  • Always there for friends and family
  • Movie and series junkie
  • Thinks snorkelling is for babies and prefers driving in order to explore the underwater world
  • Loves Disney and still cries during the Lion King

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Christine:

Her strong instinct for potential as well as her enthusiasm and ability to learn.

EP mediumres 55

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