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Carmen Antipa

Recruiting Partner

After gaining experience in the advertising industry and in product management, she landed first as a candidate and then as an employee at epunkt in recruiting in the domain Business Applications & Digital Transformations.

Contact / Location
epunkt Linz
Harrachstraße 6
4020 Linz

7 Facts about Carmen

  • Loves mountains and the sea
  • Keeps various to-do lists and enjoys the feeling when she gets to tick them off
  • Only accepts the existence of spiders outside of her own 4 walls
  • Likes good DIY videos and would prefer to build everything himself
  • Would like to discover the world in her self-built campervan Frieda
  • Always has a few private projects in the pipeline
  • Vegan with heart and soul

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Carmen:

Her structured way of working and the joy she gets from working within a team.

Carmen Antipa1
Carmen Antipa2

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