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Mag. Brigitte Zibuschka

Head of Recruiting

Brigitte has been with epunkt since 2007 and grown with the company. As the head of the recruiting team in Linz it is especially important to her to create an exemplary work environment. Trust, enjoying what you do, appreciation, and respect for each other play a central role in her idea of teamwork. When the work climate is right, candidates and client notice that too and are enthused by it.

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8 Facts about Brigitte

  • Passionate and sticks with her convictions.
  • Can excite herself and others.
  • Loves nature, good food, and wine.
  • Finds security and balance with her family.
  • Appreciates her home office, especially when she gets to be the doorkeeper for her animals (dog, cats).
  • Wants to move something (at least herself or a ball).
  • Jobs, hikes, plays tennis and volleyball. Swims in the summer and skis in the winter.
  • Likes to talk. A lot. And yet sometimes she is rather quiet.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Brigitte:

Her creativity. And the innovative ideas and new approaches that arise for doing the same things. Change is not a burden for her, but rather a joy and an incentive.

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Brigitte zibuschka 1
Brigitte zibuschka 2

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