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Bianca Ginsberg, BA

Sales Consultant

Bianca explains the present as a historian and language scientist and as a business psychologist she works with epunkt and clients on the future. As a person driven by values and purpose, she is active politically as well as professionally; you might bump into her as an ambassador for StoP!, promoting civil courage in Vienna.

Contact / Location
epunkt Vienna
Universitätsring 8/6
1010 Vienna

8 Facts about Bianca

  • An incorrigible idealist
  • Loves short speeches with deep meanings
  • Addicted to words and books; falls asleep during every movie
  • Begins each day with optimism, a smile, and tea instead of coffee
  • Needs to move to dissipate energy
  • Sees constructive criticism as fuel for growth
  • Appreciates failures and successes as opportunities to learn
  • Everything is communication and everything that has been constructed can be deconstructed

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Bianca:

Her enthusiasm, which catches and enthuses others. Her ability to recognize and name things.

Bianca Ginsberg 1
Bianca Ginsberg 2

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