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Anna Brunner, MA

Recruiting Partner

Anna has been part of epunkt since September 2022 and supports the team in Graz as a Recruiting Partner in Software Engineering. In addition to a bachelor's degree in tourism management and a master's degree in communication, she brings several years of experience in marketing and event management. Now she has arrived in HR and is looking forward to many 'perfect matches'.

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8 Facts about Anna

  • Attentive listener - but also likes to talk a lot herself.
  • Loves good food. Everything except cauliflower.
  • A true Graz native with South Africa as her 2nd home.
  • In her spare time everything revolves around family & friends.
  • Loves whales. And penguins.
  • Globetrotter, but always happy to come back home.
  • Enthusiastic about everything beautiful. Interior, art, nature, design.
  • Loves photography. Her Camera Roll is 5 digits, still.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Anna:

Her reliability. Her creativity. And that she always manages to bring a dose of positivity to every conversation.

Anna Brunner1
Anna Brunner2