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Alexander Pichler

Recruiting Partner

Joined epunkt in August 2018. After beginning with a focus on technical and commercial positions he shifted his focus to engineering in 2020. Before recruiting, he apprenticed as a motor vehicle technician and a master mechanic before studying at the University of Linz and training in human resources and change management.

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7 Facts about Alexander

  • A project manager with his whole heart and soul. There’s no such thing as impossible!
  • Pragmatic approach to day-to-day work. Solutions instead of problems.
  • Empathic approach to conversations.
  • Communicative in the morning after his first cup of coffee.
  • Walking encyclopaedia of sports stats.
  • Loves to read and spend his time with family and friends.
  • In summer you can find him at the pool playing beach volleyball.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Alexander:

The combination of technical, social, and business skills. His appreciative and dependable treatment of clients and candidates.

Alexander pichler 1
Alexander pichler 2

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