Alexander Harrer
Alexander Harrer

Ing. Alexander Harrer

Recruiting Partner

Joined the engineering team in Graz in March 2021 after gaining experience in the automotive industry. He graduated from the Business Engineering department of the HTL BULME technical school before working in change management, program and project management. His passion for HR led him to study Business and Economics and Business Psychology with a focus on Human Resources.

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10 Facts about Alexander

  • Wears his heart on his sleeve and always finds a topic of conversation.
  • (Almost) always in a good mood.
  • Honesty is very important to him – personally and professionally.
  • Always on the lookout for innovations in technology and business.
  • Burning drive to do something – you just get rusty when standing still.
  • Likes to play Switzerland in conflicts.
  • Cat dad – Frida and Käthe keep him busy.
  • Proud nerd – whether movies, TV, games, or comics.
  • A gourmet – feel free to enjoy yourself once (or twice… or three times) in awhile.
  • Can be found Mondays at the Pubquiz on team Marabus.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Alexander:

Sticks to his convictions with passion and firmly believes there is a dream job for each person.

Alexander Harrer
Alexander Harrer

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