5 steps to the perfect match with epunkt

Find Your Ideal Candidates in 5 Steps with epunkt. Take the first step in your journey to the best employees and get in touch with us. We are looking forward to finding your perfect match.

Erster Schritt

1. The Briefing

In a personal briefing you give your epunkt recruiting partner all the relevant information and conditions for the position you are seeking to fill. In addition to the facts, we are eager for insights into your company culture along with an overview of your employer branding and the benefits your future employees can look forward to.

2. The Job Ad

The recruiter prepares a professional requirements profile and an expressive job ad on the basis of the information received at the briefing - tailored to the target audience’s expectations to reach exactly those talents who you want in your team.

3. The Search

Where will we look for the best candidates? On all channels, online and offline. Thanks to our active sourcing team, we reach specialists in our talent pool who are not actively looking for a job.

4. The Interview

From the more than 60,000 active applications that we receive each year and the numerous talents in our database, we select those talents who fit you best personally and professionally and invite them to a personal meeting. These interviews serve as the basis for a comprehensive report that simplifies your decision.

5. The Bullseye

We believe that there is a role for each and every person that makes her or him happy. Our role is to find the perfect match between candidate and company, so we keep searching until we have found it for you.

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